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In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Stevie Nicks—Fleetwood Mac star and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer—shed a little light on the person she looks up to as a hero right now. Her answer? Michelle Obama, former First Lady, Mother-in-Chief, and healthy lifestyle activist, of course.

“She has such an optimistic outlook and she was able to move into the White House with kids and do such a beautiful, graceful job,” Nicks explained of the appeal of Obama. “That had to be really hard. After spending two weeks with my family for the holidays, which was long and emotionally difficult, I know that’s super hard,” Nicks continued, perhaps echoing a sentiment that many feel when they spend extended time with family members.

To sum it up: “I think she’s wisdom personified.”

Michelle Obama, like her husband, is a noted music fan, having appeared on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” alongside rapper Missy Elliott and helping curate playlists like the “Day of the Girl” list on Spotify. Music by Nicks doesn’t pop up on that particular collection, but perhaps this shout-out will give Obama a reason to get into some of Nicks’s work.

The 68-year-old legendary musician also had some sharp advice of her own: “I have a piece of typewritten paper here that says, ‘You keep going and you don’t stop,'” she explained of her longevity in the music industry. That seems like a mantra Michelle Obama could get behind, too.

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