March 10, 2017 4:26 PM EST

The latest installment in Nintendo’s Zelda franchise is the video game maker’s biggest and most ambitious yet. There’s plenty that’s new in Breath of the Wild, from the way players replenish health to the types of weapons they can use.

Here are 10 tricks that will help you whether you’re days deep into the game or you’re just getting started. (And be sure to read our Breath of the Wild review here.)

Use the rain to your advantage when sneaking up on enemies

Most enemies, whether it be a Bokoblin or Lizalfos, will have a harder time hearing you approach while it’s raining. This makes it the perfect time to stealthily strike an enemy.

Surf on your shield to travel down hills more quickly

If you’re in a hurry to get to the bottom of a hill or mountain and don’t want to use any stamina, try surfing on your shield. To do this, hold up your shield by pressing ZL while running. Then press X to jump, and A to place your shield under your feet like a surfboard. Be careful, though, since shields, like weapons, break down after extended use.

Feed your horse to win its affection

Even after you’ve tamed a wild horse, it can still take some time for it to warm up to you. Feeding it apples will increase its friendliness toward you, making it easier to control.

Perform a powerful downward strike on foes in battle

Some enemies require more than just a standard hit to significantly impact their health. Press Y at the top of your jump to execute a more powerful strike on the way down.

Beware of lightning

Weather plays a bigger role in Breath of the Wild than it has in any other Zelda game. In some cases, this can work against you, as is the case with lightning. Un-equip weapons and shields made of metal during a storm to avoid getting struck.

Get a boost when your stamina is almost depleted

If you’ve been playing Breath of the Wild, chances are there’s been at least one occasion in which you’ve nearly fallen off a cliff or tumbled down a tower after running short on stamina. In these situations, press X to jump when your stamina wheel is in the red. You’ll cover twice the distance you normally would when jumping while the meter is green.

Pay attention to shooting stars

Every so often, you may see a shooting star soar across the sky. Take note of where it lands; you may find something useful there.

Observe oddities in your surroundings

Puzzles have always been a staple of Zelda games, and this remains true in Breath of the Wild. Some of these brain teasers are mixed in with your surroundings, so if something looks out of place, be sure to investigate.

Douse yourself in water to become temporarily immune to fire

Use the lakes, rivers, and various bodies of water scattered throughout the map to your advantage, especially when dodging enemies equipped with fire arrows.

Feed dogs and they’ll reward you

If you come across a friendly dog in a camp or village, try dropping some pieces of fruit or meat near it. The dog may lead you to a helpful item.

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