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Why Fashion Designer Zac Posen Says He Won’t Dress Ivanka or Melania Trump

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Fashion designer Zac Posen will not be dressing Ivanka or Melania Trump for their time in the White House, despite having dressed them in the past.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Posen said he has “no current plans to dress members of the first family;” he joins several other designers including fashion heavyweights like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, who have spoken out about whether or not they’ll dress the First Lady.

“I’m very upset with the state of affairs right now,” Posen said. “I always try to be optimistic. I think that freedom will prevail. And I don’t dictate who buys my clothing in a store.”

Posen went on to comment on the current political climate.

“Everybody has a voice, whether in fashion or any field,” he said. “There are issues that are being questioned that are fundamentally upsetting to me—deeply: LGBT rights, immigration, funding for the arts, Planned Parenthood, and women’s rights. These are just issues that are very close to my heart, and I use my own private voice and funds to fight for them and in support of them. I think it’s important to use your voice. I think that every brand and person has a right to be vocal.”

After the first lady recently wore Michael Kors to the president’s first address to a joint session of Congress, Kors told the New York Times, “Mrs. Trump has been a longtime client at our New York boutique.”

For Posen’s part, he also cautions against the commodification of the important issue of feminism, especially when it comes to fashion; he advocates for thoughtful engagement when going forward with projects.

“You can’t market or commercialize feminism as an entity. One has to be careful. I aim to be about powerful women in my clothing. It’s important that I support the amazing women that I’m able to work with,” he said.

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