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Viral Takeout Hero Just Wants to Eat 3 Orders of Mozzarella Sticks Without Judgment

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A difficult day can be tough to remedy, but there’s no denying that sometimes a little emotional eating can provide some temporary solace — that is, as long as it doesn’t come with a side of food shaming. That’s the rationale that one self-aware customer had recently while preparing to indulge in a decadent feast of mozzarella sticks.

From a hilarious receipt shared on Reddit comes the very relatable tale of a customer who simply wanted to request 3 orders of deep fried, cheesy goodness sans judgment. In the comment section of the order (which included 3 orders of mozzarella sticks, 1 order of deep fired pickles, 2 Diet Cokes, abd 1 order of cole slaw,) the forthright customer notes that the triple order of mozzerella sticks was very much intentional.

“Yes — I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. I’m having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu.”

Here’s to this takeout hero — may they always enjoy all their snacks in peace.

See the receipt below.

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