February 28, 2017 10:39 AM EST

Scarlett Johansson says Samuel L. Jackson “scolded” her on the 2017 Oscars red carpet.

The actress told E! News that she was excited to see her co-star in The Avengers on the red carpet — until he chastised her for not sending him enough pictures of her daughter, Rose. “I was like, ‘Honestly, here on the red carpet?’ He was like, ‘Where’s my picture?'”

Johansson also couldn’t remember what her co-star bought her daughter after she was born. “Oh, gosh,” she told E! “Don’t ask me. If I don’t remember, he’s going to get angry again. You know, you want Sam on your side.”

Johansson gave birth to Rose, whom she shares with Romain Dauriac, in 2014. Johansson and Dauraic announced their breakup earlier this month.

[E! News]


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