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You Can See the Whole First Issue of TIME Online. Here’s How

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As of Friday, it has been 94 years since the date on the very first issue of TIME.

A lot has changed, for the magazine and the world alike. The issue was short and entirely black-and-white, the League of Nations hadn’t yet been replaced by the United Nations, the latest art news was about the future of cubism and a working helicopter had just been invented. In other ways, however, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In 1923, politicians in Washington fretted over the border with Mexico, educators worried about the behavior of teenage boys, questions of journalistic objectivity provoked controversy — and TIME magazine reported on all of it.

TIME subscribers can always access that issue and the rest of TIME’s archives — complete with the original layouts, art and advertisements — in the TIME Vault, but on Friday and this weekend, to celebrate the magazine’s anniversary, that issue can be read in its entirety by non-subscribers as well.

To read the full issue, click here

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