February 17, 2017 1:37 PM EST

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Thursday and late night comedians could not get enough of it. “It was like something you‘d see before a Pay-Per-View boxing event,” said Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. “The tone was like if your dad found a pack of cigarettes under your mattress,” he said.

The press conference was quite lengthy. “It was an hour and 17 minutes, which is more than he’s spoken to Melania all year,” joked Kimmel. To help out time-strapped viewers stay informed without spending 77 minutes watching the entire press conference, Kimmel and his staff put together a highlight reel of soundbites. “There were far too many subjects to cover individually, so we boiled it down so you could get the gist,” Kimmel explained.

The video clips included Trump accusing the media of being out of control, and asking April Ryan, a black reporter, to help set up a meeting with black lawmakers.

Watch the full clip below and read the full transcript of the conference here.

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