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Judd Apatow’s Daughters Learned a Lot From Lena Dunham

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Judd Apatow’s daughters have learned a lot from Girls, but he may have wanted them to skip at least a few of the lessons.

Apatow stopped The Tonight Show on Wednesday to talk about the final season of Lena Dunham’s HBO series, on which is the executive producer. He is sad to see the show go partially because he will miss working with Dunham. “She’s such a great person,” said Apatow. “She is someone that my kids look up to, because they’ve spent a lot of time with her. She’s a great role model for women.”

Apatow, though, has realized having strong female role models for his daughters can be a double-edged sword for a dad. “They’ll put up pictures on Instagram that are kind of inappropriate,” said Apatow of his two teen daughters posting photo of themselves in swimsuits on the beach. When he balks and insists they take the photos down, their response is straight out of the Girls playbook. “You’re slut shaming me!” they said, according to Apatow imitation for the show. “It’s a micro-aggression!”

The final season of Girls premieres on HBO on February 12.

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