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Canadian rock band Nickelback has turned into the universal butt of most music jokes. So when Esquire compared The Chainsmokers to the rockers, the chart-topping DJ duo behind earworms like “Closer” decided to clap back in appropriately self-deprecating style: with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of Nickelback’s wildly successful (and critically derided) hit song, “How You Remind Me.”

In a short video clip posted to Twitter, Chainsmoker Alex Pall plays piano while singer Drew Taggart launches into the lyrics of their latest track, “Paris,” before segueing into a spot-on acoustic Nickelback cover. From the husky voice to the intense emotional commitment, Taggart gives it his all; the video cuts off before even reaching the chorus, since Pall can’t contain his laughter. Frankly, if this whole Chainsmoker thing ever goes south, we see a future for Taggart as a Chad Kroeger impersonator. In the meantime, looks like the duo are shaking off the criticisms with humor to spare.

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