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The Internet Is Having a Field Day With This Photo of President Trump

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President Trump is learning the hard way not to hold up pieces of paper before people on the internet.

After signing a number of executive actions greenlighting a border wall, withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership and suspending a refugee program during his first week in the Oval Office, Trump has made it a habit of holding them up afterward for cameras.

But where there’s a blank piece of paper, sign, or poster, the internet will reliably find a way to turn that canvas into endless possibilities.

So unsurprisingly, this photo has lit up the internet, where users have transformed the GIF of Trump displaying a signed order into crude illustrations of the time-honored children’s doodle canon that only a mother could love, and various visual gags.

See some below.

A “kat”:

A house:

A personal attack:

A fictional ban:

An impressive throwback collection:

One user also got quite meta.

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