January 27, 2017 12:52 PM EST

One of Robert De Niro’s most famous lines came in the film Taxi Driver, where he uttered the words: “You talking to me?” It was a fearsome performance that made most people in the audience slightly scared of upsetting the actor. “You don’t want Bob to have a chip on his shoulder,” Danny Devito said when he stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday. Jimmy Fallon’s mom apparently didn’t get the memo.

DeVito, who co-stars with DeNiro in the film The Comedian, and recounted a delightful tale of witnessing Fallon’s mom interrupt De Niro on Broadway. The story began when Fallon and his mom went to go see De Niro star in a play. At some point, during a very quiet scene, Fallon’s mom began unwrapping candy. When DeVito started to tell the story, Fallon was confused. “Wait, you heard that?” he asked. “Everybody heard it!” yelled DeVito, at which point Fallon crumpled on his desk in humiliation. Turns out that celebrities have embarrassing moms, too. Of course, this is not the first time that Fallon has embarrassed himself in front of De Niro.

Still, when DeVito takes his own turn on Broadway in The Price, he will know who to blame if he hears candy being unwrapped during the show.

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