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It’s Doomsday Clock time again. On Jan. 26, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved its annihilation estimation to 2.5 minutes to midnight, meaning the group believes we’re closer to oblivion that we’ve been since 1953-60. This ritual has been going on since 1947. That’s 70 years of scary (and sometimes less than scary) analyses of global threats.

World tensions are at such heightened levels that even hedge fund managers and Silicon Valley titans are preparing for the worst. But some of the 99% might need “prepper” shopping tips, too. And even if you’re not inclined to start hoarding supplies any time soon, some of the gadgets below can be useful in all sorts of emergencies, like natural disasters. Good luck out there.

BioLite Camp Stove

BioLite CampStove (BioLite)
BioLite CampStove

A portable, 2.6 pound stove fueled by naturally occurring scraps sure would come in handy after society breaks down. Voila: the BioLite Camp Stove. Feed it biomass like twigs, pinecones, or wood pellets, and the resulting smokeless fire from this portable grill can get a pot of water boiling in under five minutes. It also generates enough electricity to charge a mobile phone or other gadgets with a USB port. Included is a USB-charged FlexLight, a light with bendable stem that can be positioned to illuminate the cook surface.

Zubin Axe Complete Kit

Zubin Axe (Zubin Axe)
Zubin Axe
Zubin Axe

This 54” hickory survival staff is a multi-tool that can lend its carrier a super-tough silhouette while hiking desolate apocalyptic landscapes. With six lightweight stainless steel tool head attachments, the bearer is prepared for anything: it’s a fishing spear/frog gig, hunting spear, axe, saw blade, slingshot, and shovel. The staff breaks down to two pieces for portability in a pack or camping roll, and the set also includes a compass attachment, a rubber grip, and an allen key for changing the heads.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, speak softly and carry a big stick. If peaceful talk doesn’t work, bust out the survival staff.

Motoped Survival Bike

Motoped Survival Bike (Motoped)
Motoped Survival Bike

This bug-out motorbike may be just what a city dweller needs to run for the hills, with its ability to weave through traffic around miles of cars with occupants also trying to escape. Its oversized universal rack accepts bolt-ons to mount survival gear or harnesses of the rider’s choice, and with the addition of two optional fuel tanks, this baby can go for 250-300 miles before you’ll have to battle other looters of abandoned vehicles to get more gas.

Motopeds are built to order, or you can get a kit and build one yourself. Keep in mind it’s still a moped, so the maximum speed is 24 miles per hour. (So those better be the slow kind of zombies you’re fleeing.)

Total Survival Solar Kettle

Even if the world goes permanently off-grid, you can maintain a modicum of civilization by making tea or a boiled egg, or even that beverage that once kept everything going, coffee. It also makes questionable water safer to drink. Constructed like a Thermos with a heavy duty glass vacuum tube inside, it can heat 16 ounces of water to a rolling boil in 20-49 minutes any time there is direct sunlight, all while the outside remains safe to touch.

Grayl Purifier Bottle

GRAYL Ultralight Purifier (GRAYL)
GRAYL Ultralight Purifier

This portable water filter and purification system lets thirsty doomsday survivors drink water found anywhere. Fill up the bottle at a stream, press for 15 seconds, and proceed with hydration. The water will be clear of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals. One filter is good for 300 uses. After that, if you haven’t stockpiled them, you’re on your own.

Sun Oven with Dehydration and Preparedness Package

Cooking during the end times doesn’t have to mean a squirrel skewered on a stick over a fire. What if I told you that you could bake bread by harnessing the power of the sun? Folks have been cooking in solar ovens for years, after all.

The original commercially-sold solar oven is the size of a small suitcase and reaches temperatures of 360-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This kit also has extra racks for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, or fish, as well as stacking pots, bread pans, and a water pasteurization indicator.

WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger

WakaWaka Power+ (WakaWaka)
WakaWaka Power+

After there’s no one left to text and no more Instagram, you can still look at your digital photos by charging up your phone with this solar powered charger and light. It takes 12 hours in the sun to juice up the Power+, then its LED light can shine for up to 150 hours, and it will charge up a smartphone in about two hours. It can also charge cameras, MP3 players, and tablets. Plus, for every unit sold, another is donated to a family living without electricity.



You’ve heard of bug-out bags, but the team behind the SEVENTY2 set out to make the ultimate go bag by asking experts — survivalists, military, climbers and medical pros — which supplies or information were most important to include. The result is designed to get the user through that crucial first 72 hours in which 95% of emergency situations get resolved.

Among those features: the waterproof tarpaulin bag is airtight and capable of acting as a floatation device, it has an integrated flashlight for hands-free illumination while wearing the pack, and the exoskeleton frame becomes snowshoes or splints. Inside are silk-screened first aid and emergency instructions, plus more than 30 tools and supplies like a radio, USB charger, food, water filter, sunscreen, hand warmers, and more.

Survive-a-Storm Below-Ground Shelter

If your home didn’t come with its own vintage fallout shelter or storm cellar, you can buy one ready made. This ventilated underground unit is accessed by ladder. It’s a basic, 10-foot by 6-foot room constructed of 10-gauge steel, with steel benches around the perimeter that reinforce the structure.

“Amenities” include telephone and electric conduits and indoor-outdoor carpeting. For more aspirational disaster residences, Survive-a-Storm also makes Off the Grid Survival Bunkers of all sizes starting at $19,995. Choose shelter companions wisely, and BYO MREs.

Mountain House 1-Year 1-Person Food Supply

Just as the humble squirrel stashes away acorns for a long, cold winter, so do some humans stash 3,986 servings of canned food for a long nuclear winter. Intended as a one-year food supply for one person, this prepper prize package includes freeze-dried granola, “breakfast skillet,” chicken stew, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and more, with up to 25 years of shelf stability.

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