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These Kitchen Tools Will Cut Down Your Dinner-Cooking Time

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Cooking is all well and good until it’s 8 p.m. on a Wednesday night and you’re simultaneously starving and hustling to mince and braise while your stomach growls louder than a freight train. In those moments, any tool that will shave minutes off dinner’s estimated time of arrival is basically some Dumbledore-level magic. Short-on-patience chefs, take note: Magic is real, at least when it comes to kitchenware. These handy gadgets have the power to help you summon a meal more quickly than you could ever imagine. Here, 13 time-saving tools that will save dinner — and your sanity.


This game-changing chopper handles small batches of chopping with almost zero effort and plenty of aplomb. It can also whip up one-dish batches of pesto, hummus, salsa, and guacamole in just about no time. Simply remove the blade after you’ve chopped, and—bam!—the VeggiChop turns into a sealable storage container. Bonus: It’s also great if you’re very prone to crying like it’s the end of Marley and Me when you’re chopping onions.

Chef’n available at Amazon.com | $20


Let’s be honest: What working woman really has the time to whip up a lattice-topped pie? Williams-Sonoma knows the struggle, which is why the brand created a shortcut. All you need to do is roll the dough (store-bought, if you so desire), stamp it with this stencil, and pop it on your pie. Done and done.

Williams Sonoma available at williams-sonoma.com | $20


It’s nearly impossible not to make a mess when you cut a pineapple. This three-in-one tool will churn out perfectly cut slices and takes a fraction of the time. Plus, the hollowed-out pineapple shell is perfect for holding a massive piña colada.

Utopia Kitchen available at Amazon.com | $10


Not even the most skilled chef can mince garlic faster than the GarlicZoom. Seriously. Pop in your cloves and roll the grinder back and forth until your garlic is minced as finely as you like. You’ll also avoid the dreaded garlic-scented fingers. And as if all that weren’t enough, the GarlicZoom is dishwasher safe.

Chef’n available at Amazon.com | $10


The clever pop top on this colander saves you the time and effort of washing something you wouldn’t have otherwise used (not to mention space on the drying rack!).

Progressive available at Amazon.com | $4


Not only does this peeler fit nicely in the palm of your hand—it gives you a solid grip. Plus, the blade is so sharp and strong that you’ll plow through potatoes faster then you’d ever expect.

Chef’n available at Amazon.com | $7


This tool is super easy to use and clean (both the tool’s body and grating drums are dishwasher safe), and, most importantly, can be used to make chocolate shavings that’ll have your cupcakes lookTop Chef-worthy in no time at all.

Williams Sonoma available at williams-sonoma.com | $50

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