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This Chrome Add-On Makes Browsing the Web Instantly More Beautiful

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Opening a new tab in your Internet browser of choice is usually not a beautiful moment in your life. Maybe the tab opens with a bland whiteness, awaiting your URL or search query. Or maybe it’s a Google search bar, though that’s not a whole lot more impressive.

Well, there’s a free download for Google Chrome that’ll change all that, and I highly recommend it. Grab Earth View from Google Earth, and every time you open up a new tab in Chrome, you’ll be met with a glorious satellite image of our home planet.

The images are curated to surface interesting mountain ranges, river deltas, cities, and the like, so it’s not just a random set of coordinates. And if you’re really curious about something, you can click a link that’ll pop open Google Earth for you to explore. You can even download the image to use it as a new wallpaper on your desktop or smartphone.

It’s one of the best free downloads you’ll ever make. Go do it.

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