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‘It was a corn tortilla … in case you were wondering.’

Serena Williams, announcing her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian with an Instagram post of an engagement ring featuring a miniature taco instead of a gemstone

A man showed up to greet his newborn niece at the hospital in a suit because, as he explained, “first impressions matter.”

An 11-year-old beagle named Purin and her owner in Japan set a Guinness World Record for most jump-rope skips by a dog and a person, completing 58 in one minute.

Kim Kardashian West returned to Instagram following a three-month hiatus after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Her first post: a family portrait with husband Kanye West and children Saint and North.

The 105-year-old Robert Marchand of France cycled 14 miles in one hour, setting a world record for his age group.

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A man reportedly spent over nine hours manually scrolling through 1,048,576 rows to get to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet, just to see if he could.

Monopoly’s makers are putting its board-game tokens to a public vote. Classics like the hat, shoe or Scottie could be scrapped for a cell phone, hashtag or winky emoji.

A New York man who was charged with driving while intoxicated allegedly bought nearly 1,000 copies of his local newspaper in an attempt to keep people from finding out.

The world’s oldest known killer whale, nicknamed Granny and estimated to be over 100 years old, is presumed dead after going missing from the waters off the coast of Washington.

Gospel singer Kim Burrell lost her radio show after a video surfaced in which she referred to gay people as “perverted” while she was preaching at a church.

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