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How to Cleanse, Attack and Prep for Your Best Year Ever

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Staying motivated to achieve your goals both personally and physically can be one of the most challenging things as we approach that second week of January. I want to make sure you keep your gusto, keep visualizing what you want and really attack those goals and dreams with each passing day. How do we do this? I think you will find the CLEANSE, PREP, and ATTACK method a good one — and you can easily apply to three key areas of your life.

Weight Loss

Telling yourself what you “won’t” be eating as opposed to what you “will” be eating is one of the pitfalls when it comes to dieting.

For example, this week I will eat healthy things that I know are great for my machine, will fuel me properly, will boost my metabolism, and will give me energy. Say this as a mantra when you wake up in the morning, as you go throughout your day and as you ease into the evening.I promise you, it works. Backing the mantra up with the physical action of actually eating healthy is the absolute KEY to the success of it. Try it. Do it. No excuses. Even if something happens during the day that upsets you. Stick to the plan.


Plan your exercise time as though it’s an important meeting. Remember that eating properly counts as an exercise. If you can’t find 30 minutes to train workout regularly, eating SUPER CLEAN when you can’t find time to exercise will STILL help you reach your fitness goals. Honestly, a bad day with food is worse than a day with no exercise. If changing your body in 2017 is your goal, based on my professional experience, you should eat smart and train hard for five to seven days a week. If you want to break even, watch what you eat the majority of the time and train three days a week.


How do you de-clutter and prepare for the best year yet?

Let’s start with your workspace. Be sure it’s clear, organized, and doesn’t have any items that remind you of deals gone bad, relationships gone bad, or trips you wish you had never taken. If this means staying late when no on is around for you to get it done, get it done. Do it tonight in fact. Get it ready for week two of the new year, as this is really important to your success.

I also find that adding small items for inspiration around my workspace help calm me down when I have phone interviews or conference calls. Personally, I like holding small smooth rocks that I collected on a trip to Sedona. Little metal figurines of Buddha, Ganesha, or a deity of your choice are also really nice if you are more of the spiritual type. It’s up to you. Remember you are the one who is channeling the energy here.

Make yourself a short list of #MUSTDOS. These are your absolutes that you know you need to hammer out in January. Try to keep the list under 10. If you get them done, shoot for another 10. Don’t move on until you do them all.

So let’s recap our approach:

CLEANSE = Your clean approach to eating and de-cluttering your office.

PREP = Plan your workouts out and make short, attainable lists.

ATTACK = Show up to your workouts and get through that list.

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