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Jimmy Kimmel Proves the Best Revenge Prank Is Several Giant Teddy Bears

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Jimmy Kimmel knows a thing or two about pranks, but it turns out he is also pretty skilled at revenge.

Kimmel is a notorious prankster, whether he’s teasing Kanye West fans about furry Yeezys, tormenting children about their Halloween candy, engaging in a prank war with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, or getting woken up by Rihanna. So when his brother and sister-in-law sent Kimmel’s two-year old daughter, Jane, a giant eight-foot tall teddy bear for Christmas, he knew just what to do.

To “thank” them for the thoughtful, refrigerator-sized gift, Kimmel returned the favor, sending his beloved family members five of the massive bears to their house to delight their children. “We tried to send a live bear, but the authorities won’t allow that apparently,” said Kimmel, before issuing a warning to anyone who would dare to challenge his resolve: “You send me one bear, I will send back five.”

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