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Here are the Best GoPro Videos of 2016, According to GoPro

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The world looks a little different when shot from a GoPro. The small, nearly indestructible cameras give a first-person point of view to everything from base-jumping to fire eating to Brazilian capoeira. The videos offer a front row seat to an extreme sport for couch dwellers, or maybe just those who can’t afford extreme adventures, and are always fun to watch.

Now, GoPro has a compiled an impressive, adrenaline-fueled collection of what they believe are the best GoPro videos of 2016. The ones that made the cut capture incredible events like Australian stunt driver Matt Mingay performing a dizzying drive on two wheels, basketball star Devin Williams sinking shot after shot, and dazzling shots taken from airplanes, hot air balloons, skis, dragon boats, water slides, sheep runs, surfboards, among many others.

This year has been a wild ride for everyone, but based on the videos captured by GoPro users, it looks like at least some people really enjoyed the trip.

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