Nintendo’s most recognizable face has finally made its way to smartphones with the launch of Super Mario Run, the company’s very first Mario-themed game for mobile devices, earlier this month.

The title set a record after amassing 25 million downloads within four days of its release. But despite this achievement, the game has come under fire for its $9.99 price tag and the fact that it requires an Internet connection to even play.

While the characters, enemies and stage layouts will seem familiar to longtime fans of the franchise, the way in which players steer Mario throughout the game is entirely different. Rather than tapping arrow buttons to navigate a level, players simply tap the screen, which prompts their character to jump.

“We didn’t think about bringing an existing Mario gameplay to iPhone and just porting over something that you controlled with buttons before,” Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s iconic designer, said to TIME in a previous interview. “We really focused on, what is the best Mario experience for what you get with iPhone?”

Whether you’re trying to clear stages and beat Bowser in the World Tour mode or are hoping to flaunt your best moves in Toad Rally, these tips will help you master those leaps and hops.

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