Watch the Onion’s Hilariously Fresh Perspective on Rogue One

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While reviews of Rogue One have been pretty mixed so far—with critics unable to agree on the quality of the first standalone Star Wars movie—the critique from satirical news outlet The Onion is definitely unlike any other.

In a video released Wednesday, senior film critic Peter K. Rosenthal breaks down what he liked and didn’t like about the latest galaxy far, far away installment, ultimately coming to the conclusion that it couldn’t repair the damage done to the franchise by last year’s “Droids of the Resistance” jigsaw puzzle.

“With its frequent homages to past installments, much of Rogue One plays as an extended apology to those of us who waited for months to assemble a photomosaic of the three droids pictured on the box only to become slowly disillusioned while piecing together this blatant cash-grab,” he says.

Watch the full video below.

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