December 15, 2016 11:51 AM EST

There are few things that could distract most people from a Beyoncé concert, but Channing Tatum is one of them—at least for Elle Fanning.

When Fanning stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday, she confessed to Jimmy Fallon that when she went to see Beyoncé in concert at Dodgers Stadium, she was captivated by the presence of the Magic Mike man himself in the audience.

At first Fanning didn’t recognize the Step Up star as he had shown up to the show in disguise, wearing a beard and a baseball hat leading her to include he was your regular reluctant dad at a pop star concert. “I told my friend, ‘ha ha you have to sit next to the dad who is bringing his daughters to the Beyoncé concert’,” said Fanning, laughing. She soon realized he was no mere dad, though, but Tatum and Fanning realized her fatal mistake, “I was so jealous!”

Being a major fan, Fanning tried to surreptitiously take a photo of Tatum at the show, but as anyone who has ever tried to sneak a photo of a celebrity can attest, it didn’t really work out. As proof, Fanning presented Fallon with the blurriest photo of Tatum, ever. Not that Fanning learned her lesson about trying to snap pictures of celebrities, though.

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