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Westworld’s first season about robots acquiring consciousness may have ended, but that’s not stopping Siri from getting in on the fun.

Apple has programmed Siri to respond to all your Westworld-related questions with some very knowledgeable Westworld answers. Evan Rachel Wood, the actor who plays the show’s head robot rebel in charge Dolores, took to Twitter Wednesday to share the news, plus some funny screen shots of her exchanges with the bot.

Currently, Siri is primed with enough Westworld trivia to delight fans of the show interested in knowing how the bot liked the show’s finale. Like a perfectly subservient robot, it looks like she’s hitting them back with the old standby: “It doesn’t look like anything to me,” a popular quote from the sci-fi series. Fans can also say “these violent delights have violent ends,” (a viral transmission on the show,) and Siri will usually answer, “Someone get me out of this crazy theme park!”

As for your burning questions about the show or the meaning of life, it doesn’t look like even Siri has those answers.

See some of the results below.

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