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By Megan Lasher
December 6, 2016

Madonna has been in the spotlight for years as singer, philanthropist and activist, and now those latter two descriptions are proving to be just as important to her as the first. In an interview with Billboard, the icon laid out her plan for action under a Trump presidency and admits that his win wasn’t what she wanted or expected.

“It felt like someone died. It felt like a ­combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death,” Madonna said. “It feels like women betrayed us. The percentage of women who voted for Trump was insanely high.”

Billboard asked her to elaborate on the idea that women cost other women the election: “Women hate women. That’s what I think it is. Women’s nature is not to support other women. It’s really sad. Men protect each other, and women protect their men and children. Women turn inward and men are more external.”

She even has friends who voted for Trump, who told her “they would rather have a successful businessman running the country than a woman who lies.” Madonna’s thoughts? “Just absurd. But people don’t have faith in government as we know it. In a way, it makes sense that Donald Trump is the president. Because money rules. Not intelligence, not experience, not a moral compass, not the ability to make wise ­decisions, not the ability to think of the future of the human race.”

But, like fellow Clinton supporters Jennifer Lawrence and Chelsea Handler, Madonna isn’t going to back down from her causes when Trump takes office. “I want to rain on his parade,” she said. “I was put on this earth to fight for the underdog and fight against discrimination.”

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