December 1, 2016 2:35 PM EST

The End is coming to Minecraft, as in the end of the beginning of a period of time where Minecraft for Windows 10 and mobile devices was significantly out of sync with the Java PC-based original version. Also, The End, as in the most glaring omission from the mobile / Windows 10 versions, the realm where among other things there’s a dragon in wait.

It’s called The Ender Update, or “version 1.0,” and it’s due later this month. Mojang and Microsoft released a trailer Thursday to celebrate the fact, as well to mark the 5 year anniversary of Pocket Edition (for iOS and Android devices). Among other things, The Ender Update will include a “world seed library” to help you find worlds more to your liking, polar bears, music (finally!) for the mobile versions of the game as an optional download, and Oculus Touch support, if you want to use Oculus’ forthcoming “VR waggle sticks” to play the Rift version of the game.

“At its inception, Pocket Edition was little more than an experiment by mega-brained Mojang coder, Aron Nieminen,” writes Mojang, adding “It was pretty bare bones – just the most minimal Minecrafty features in mobile form, hammered together in a mere three months.”

And then “It’s since grown into one of our most popular versions of Minecraft, with over 40 million players.”

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