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Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson Release Millennials: The Musical

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A new generation-defining musical is putting millennials on a journey of self-discovery— to find a phone. #Drama.

Millennials: The Musical is the latest brainchild of Moana collaborators Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson. The show, which the pair teased last week on YouTube, is one part adventure, one part coming-of-age, but all wrapped in a satirical package.

As Johnson says, “Tonight is opening night,” and fans young and old can learn a thing or two about the titular generations’ idiosyncrasies displayed through song. The star of the story, Crystal, seems to be on the up-and-up in life — she works for a sweet start-up in Brooklyn, takes Soul Cycle classes, and is ready for the best Bumble date of this week. Everything comes crashing down, though, when she realizes she lost her phone and only connection to her numerous social media followers. How will she enjoy her day if she can’t post her feelings about it?

Joined by her out-of-touch accountant neighbor Jack, the pair retrace Crystal’s steps, moving from her work to her favorite artisanal spot, which are of course inhabited by a colorful cast of characters. Her start-up job, for example, is run by the most laid back rapper on the East Side, whose latest app “will get you laid and paid and bring back Harambe.”

Amidst the “dank memes” and “drugs that make the music suck less,” Crystal and Jack realize they may have more in common than they thought. Can the pair find happiness outside of the Netflix and chill world?

Watch the full musical above.

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