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November 10, 2016

In the aftermath of the somewhat unexpected election of Donald Trump, we’ve seen communities come together to reflect and get answers. Now, in an open letter to the nation, 100 women of color leaders have expressed their plans for the future — specifically for the next 100 hours and the first 100 days.

“Our work did not start, and has not ended, with this election,” the group of activists (including a co-founder of Black Lives Matter), academics and leaders wrote. “Today, we feel how far we are from the promise of a nation that ensures liberty and justice for all. But our work, built on the hopes of our grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters, is testament to the power of our shared belief in that promise. It is we who must build the path forward on our journey.”

They also outlined their next steps, as prominent voices in civil-rights and environmental movements: “As women of color, as leaders, we will build and lead us on a path forward. We must work together to hold civic, administrative and corporate decision makers accountable. To reach our full potential as people, and as a nation, this democracy must be owned by all of us, for all of us. We pledge our unity and determination to be ready, determined and united behind a vision and plan of action to become a nation where we can all live with dignity, care for our loved ones and the land, and thrive in freedom from all forms of inequality.”

Now, they’re calling on other women to join them and take their pledge. “In the #First100Hours and #First100days, I will stand with women of color leadership,” the pledge reads. “I will stand with women who are leading solutions that support a vision for Black lives, an end to violence against women and girls, power to make decisions about our bodies, health and reproduction, common sense immigration reform and an end to Islamophobia. I pledge to take action to pursue a democracy and economy where we all have an equal say, and an equal chance.”

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