"I voted" stickers, given to those who vote, are seen November 8, 2016, at Colin Powwell Elementary School, in Centreville, Virginia.
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November 8, 2016 4:10 PM EST

Many Americans are braving the long lines at the polls today, but some people have a few more obstacles between them and their ballots. Take it from two women who went into labor but still managed to vote.

According to ELLE, Jess Leibfried started giving birth to her daughter just before it was time to vote. She posted in the Pantsuit Nation Facebook page that she “absolutely had to make it to the polls to cast [her] vote for Hillary.” And it was an emotional moment when she finally filled out the ballot: “[I] found myself sitting in the booth, staring at the ballot I had just filled out and thinking about my unborn daughter,” she told ELLE. “I had to stop myself from filling in the bubble too much for fear of tearing the paper!”

Colorado mom Sosha Adelstein had a similar experience when she dropped off her ballot while in labor. “We ran over there and kind of made it just in time, because like shortly after that I was like okay it’s time. We got to get to the hospital,” Adelstein told ABC13.

Safe to say that these women weren’t going to let anything prevent them from exercising their right to vote.

Read Leibfried’s full interview (which she did while in labor) at ELLE.com

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