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November 7, 2016 1:05 PM EST

Lady Gaga isn’t putting on a poker face when it comes to her distaste for Donald Trump.

Melania Trump delivered a speech on Thursday about how she’d make it her mission to end cyber-bullying should she become first lady. Her declaration immediately drew criticism as she failed to reference her husband’s own online bulling tweets — directed at his political opponents, fellow Republicans, foreign leaders, members of the media and anyone else who seemingly bothers him. Therefore on Sunday, Gaga, an anti-bullying advocate, called out the potential first lady’s “hypocrisy” on Twitter.

“Your husband is 1 of the most notorious bullies we have ever witnessed,” Gaga tweeted at Trump.

The Joanne singer has made it no secret that she’s supporting Hillary Clinton, changing her Twitter name to #VoteHillary and frequently sharing praise for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Gaga even made a political fashion statement on Sunday to show her love for Clinton. The singer wore a suffragette-inspired gown and a topper that included a “Vote” button through a Tokyo airport. She also shared a photo of the outfit on Snapchat, with the caption, “Corsets off, ladies.” New York Magazine and blogger Julia Frankes suggested the wardrobe choice and caption was a veiled reference to 19th century feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who advocated for women to do away with the restrictive garment.


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