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What Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Calendar Shows

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If you only read one thing: Donald Trump’s candidacy is getting a $3o million injection of cash in the final days of the campaign backing a digital and television push to swing the election at the last minute. Future45 and its associated nonprofit arm, 45 Committee, are both funded largely by Sheldon Adelson and are behind the late effort. You may have already seen some of the ads, which have attacked Hillary Clinton on her email server, family foundation and the Iran nuclear deal. A new spot includes a Clinton impersonator destroying various electronic devices. The group is also funding Spanish-language ads to resurrect decade-old comments by Clinton forcefully opposing illegal immigrants. (Her tone is now far more welcoming as the politics on the issue have shifted.) The $5 million digital buy includes a rap video called “pay my foundation” and a remix of TV pundits talking about the charity. The spending extends to Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat in an effort to reach out to millennial voters who aren’t enthused about Clinton. But the injection of cash comes as more than 30 million people have already voted, putting the efficacy of the push into doubt.

We’re getting a clearer picture of the two candidates’ schedules for the final stretch, as Clinton plays a more defensive strategy focused on North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. If she holds any two of them—and she is favored to—she will all-but-be-assured of winning the White House. She’ll hold a final rally Monday night with President Obama, Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton in Philadelphia. Trump will be doing a last-minute fly around to those states, where he must make significant in-roads against Clinton, as well as trying to drive up Election Day turnout in Iowa and Nevada. His final rally will be in Manchester, N.H., on Monday night.

Clinton steps up efforts down-ballot. How North Carolina is handling the “rigged” rhetoric. And when is a vote not an endorsement?

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