By Julia Zorthian
November 3, 2016

Ryan Reynolds channeled his inner romantic leading man Wednesday night, starring in a trailer for a spoof sequel to The Notebook in which he made out with Conan O’Brien.

Reynolds appeared on Conan’s late night show and presented a list of fake things he was there to “promote” as part of a game, including ham underwear and Reynolds Wrap. The last project he listed was The Notebook 2, starring himself rather than the first Notebook’s Ryan (Gosling), along with Conan “McAdams.”

“Remember that vacation we took in Tijuana a few years ago?” Reynolds asked O’Brien. “We split that bottle of absinthe? Well, we fell in love, and I filmed it.”

They then cut to the trailer, which featured Reynolds and O’Brien in the famous rain scene. Watch the full clip above, including the seemingly endless 22-second kiss.


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