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Watch Your Entire Facebook History in One Cheesy Personalized Video

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Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, and the company wants you to celebrate along with them.

Click on Facebook’s A Look Back page and you’ll be greeted with a slideshow retrospective of your time on the social network, generated from your photos, profile pictures, and most-favorited posts, all set to a cheesy soundtrack of orchestral strings. The slides are even timed to the music.

It’s the kind of video that might be expected at a wedding or a funeral, but with memories you… might not want to actually remember. My personal Look Back started with a shot from my high school prom, which is way better off buried forever, deep in Facebook’s archives.

Describing Facebook’s launch on February 4, 2014, a young Mark Zuckerbeg told the Harvard Crimson in 2006: “If I hadn’t launched it that day, I was about to just can it and go on to the next thing I was about to do.” He’s probably glad he decided to go ahead with it a decade on.

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