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November 1, 2016 11:33 AM EDT

Kelly Clarkson just got real about multitasking. She’s a chart-topping singer, children’s book author, brand ambassador for Citizen Watch and a mother of four. But that doesn’t mean it all comes easily. In an interview with TODAY, Clarkson opened up about motherhood and how she manages — and struggles — to maintain a sense of work-life balance.

Despite her numerous responsibilities, Clarkson acknowledged, “Time management has never been something I’m amazing at.” She says that she’s always had many interests and tends to “stack my plate pretty full with all these things I’m excited about or want to accomplish.”

With four kids — two from her husband Brandon Blackstock’s previous marriage — Clarkson believes in keeping “baby talk” to a minimum. She said, “I talk to my 2-year-old like an adult. I don’t baby her. I don’t baby our 9-year-old, either.” Clarkson mentioned that her parents raised her this way, and she “turned out all right.” Although, she said, “I could still screw it up.”

One aspect of motherhood Clarkson isn’t stressing out about is losing baby weight. She maintains a very nonchalant attitude about it: “With weight in general, I say go at your own pace. Whether you’re a mom or whatever. It’s your life; you should do what you’re comfortable with.” Clarkson appreciates what she has and that’s just fine with her: “I just rock what I’ve got.”


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