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A Look Back at the 17 Greatest Vines of All Time

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Twitter announced via Medium on Thursday that it would be shutting down its video service, Vine.

In a world with social media in abundance, Vine set itself apart with a lighthearted humor and DIY quality not seen in the photogenic world of Instagram or the news focus of its parent company, Twitter.

The six-second time limit and its looping quality ensured that its users’ interest would always be piqued, while the ability to splice clips gave these brief videos the potential for epic narratives. The platform launched the careers of many and grew to be a favorite of those looking for a laugh or a way to visualize their hot take.

To help ease the pain of losing Vine at this time, we’ve rounded up 17 of the best Vines of all time. From funny to heartwarming, each of them will give you six seconds to remember why this was the social media platform of the people.

Vine was a way to see the world in a different light — like re-imagining Drake’s “Hotline Bling” as a tennis match.

It was a place to express your dreams.

It was also a place to share your needs.

And divulge your fears.

Or just acknowledge that things might not be going your way.

Vine was a way to keep it real, even if confrontation was necessary (with an expletive.)

It was a place to make a political statement.

It was a place to show off your talents.

Because, after all, there was never any shame in “doing it for the Vine”

Vine was a place to let loose, especially if you were a duck with something to say.

Or a dog who just wanted to dance to the dulcet tones of Phil Collins.

Or a cat with a penchant for Jason DeRulo.

Vine provided an outlet to talk to your favorite athletes.

And to re-live your favorite sports moments.

Sometimes Vine was a platform for great art.

To share excellent covers of your favorite artist.

Or capturing unforgettable moments that you could play on loop.

We’ll miss you, Vine!

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