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Emma Watson is Urging Women to Vote in the U.S. Elections

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Emma Watson has some thoughts on next month’s presidential election. The British actress and women’s right activist posted to Twitter on Tuesday with an encouragement for women to vote, citing the previous election numbers. “Seventy million women cast ballots versus 60 million men. Women, your vote could swing this election,” she wrote.

Watson has previously spoken about rights for women, addressing sexual assault on college campuses at the UN, and narrating a short documentary on gender equality. In her post on the election, she comments on those issues, and makes an indirect reference to Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments and alleged inappropriate behavior against women.

“In 2014, I tweeted Desmond Tutu’s quote: ‘Men and boys, we show our manhood by how we treat our women.’ The American men I know and love know this. They know that the way a man treats women can’t be overlooked or brushed aside,” she wrote.

“America is my second home. I have friends there that I think of as family,” Watson added, noting she finds it “excruciating to sit on the sidelines” and watch as the election unfolds. “Goodness, I wish I could cast a vote.”

Beyond her own personal desire to participate in the United States’ political process, Watson encouraged women to cast their votes citing the potential impact the results will have. “Regardless of our personal beliefs, it can’t be denied that the result of the upcoming US presidential election will have ripple effects around the world and impact, in one way or another, the lives of millions and millions of people.”

“You have real power to decide the future of generations to come,” she added.

Read Watson’s entire post below.

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