October 21, 2016 4:54 PM EDT

Contrary to popular belief, puppies—no matter how cute—can be a problem. That was certainly the (potential) case on display earlier this week in San Francisco, when officers from the local Santa Clara County Sheriff responded to a residential security alarm to discover no apparent perpetrators, except for a duo of super-fluffy juvenile canines.

“Unknown if they were the actual culprits of the false alarm, but we have our suspicions,” Sergeant Rich Glennon told SF Gate. “But they are adorable nonetheless.”

The SF Gate further reports that the puppies were read their Miranda Rights but appeared “unrepentant.” A cop even snapped a photo with the armfuls of fluff for the record.

On the bright side, it appears it was all a false alarm—and a great excuse for these puppies to get a shot at the spotlight.


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