October 21, 2016 4:55 AM EDT


Lego introduced a Beatles-themed Yellow Submarine set that includes mini figures representing John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Domino’s is now delivering pizza by canoe to residents living along the River Loose in England. The pizza “buoys” will wear wet suits and carry boxes equipped with their own flotation devices.

President Obama shared a list of his must-watch sci-fi films and TV shows. Among them: Star Trek, The Martian and Cosmos.

A Reddit user claimed that he successfully proved he was old enough to buy beer by showing his vintage Blockbuster membership card instead of an official ID.

A man gave his Harry Potter–obsessed wife a homemade Pensieve –the magical device that preserves memories–as a wedding gift.

America’s hottest new Halloween trend: carving pumpkins inspired by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Authorities became aware that roughly 200 venomous cobras had escaped from a local farm in Nanjing, China, causing widespread panic; most were eventually recovered.

Donald Trump, who hosted Saturday Night Live last November, tweeted that NBC should cancel the show because he does not like being spoofed by Alec Baldwin.

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek called a contestant a “loser” after she described her love of nerdcore, a genre of hip-hop about so-called nerdy topics such as science and politics.

Nordstrom stopped selling Moschino’s new pill-bottle-shaped handbags after protesters suggested they made light of drug use and addiction.

During a charity concert in Brooklyn, Beyoncé’s extra-long braid got caught on her earring and ripped it out, leaving her ear bleeding. The singer didn’t miss a beat, though.

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