By Raisa Bruner
October 20, 2016

Just last week, Lindsay Lohan threw it back to her good old Mean Girls days and hinted she’d be up for a sequel of the beloved high school movie. And yesterday, Rachel McAdams—none other than iconic Mean Girl Regina George herself—gave her own green light to involvement in a Mean Girls project, twelve years after the original debuted.

Mean Girls. Musical. Would you ever?” asked E! News during an interview with the actor, probably referring to the in-progress theater production that Tina Fey is currently working on. (It’s a stage adaptation of the original.)

“Sure,” McAdams capitulated. “I mean, yeah! I loved doing that movie. I loved Tina Fey, I loved the girls.” The two also discussed what Regina would be up to by now (spoiler: she’d have babies at this point).

“Mean babies,” suggested Malkin.

“Babies who are plotting your demise—in the womb,” amended McAdams. Sounds like they already have a plot all figured out for a separate sequel featuring grown-up girls. And now at least two of the original four in the clique have vocalized interest in a follow-up. Ball’s in your court Fey.

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