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October 20, 2016 3:43 PM EDT

Ever since Chrissy Teigen became a mother earlier this year, she’s faced some intense (and unfair) scrutiny over her parenting style. She was criticized for going out alone weeks after birthing her daughter. She was criticized for selecting the gender of her baby while using IVF. She caused a stir when she appeared breastfeeding in Fergie’s M.I.L.F. music video. Through it all, Teigen has shown that she’s more than able to defend herself, but the unsolicited advice and comments keep coming.

This Wednesday, a fan tweeted at Teigen over how she was cradling her infant daughter Luna. “This is not how a baby is held!” the person wrote.

Teigen responded with a sarcastic: “Really because that’s how I’m f-cking holding her”

Other fans jumped to her defense, showing total confusion as to why this woman is offering her unsolicited advice.

The fan in question alleged that she “almost grew up deformed” because of how she was held as a baby and said that Teigen was holding her daughter like a purse.

Chrissy meanwhile, spat some truth about what it’s like to parent in the public eye.

When the fan continued to press her on how she was carrying her daughter, Teigen shut the conversation down:

Yes, please do.


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