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Rockstar’s Next ‘Red Dead’ Game Reveal May Be Imminent

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The initial tease I wrote off as vague to the point of trolling: a reddish background overlaid by Grand Theft Auto-maker Rockstar’s “R-star” logo. Signifying what, a game set during the Cold War? An expedition to Mars?

But the second, well…you can’t see seven silhouettes (get it, a la The Magnificent Seven?) of guys in dusters and shoulder-slung shotguns, wearing cowboy hats and—see the one in the center—what sure looks like a “light center crease, modified-cattleman,” without thinking Red Dead something-or-other. Red Dead Redemption arrived in May 2010, and still tops critics’ lists as some of the studio’s best work (counting Grand Theft Auto V).

A sequel? That’s the safe bet. Yes, the number of people in the shot below (counting protagonist John Marsten) also adds up to seven, but a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption? I wouldn’t bet on it. Take Two bigwig Strauss Zelnick has implied more games in the series are coming, noting earlier this year that subsidiary Rockstar was on the verge of being able to talk about “some exciting future projects.”


Keep your eyes on Rockstar’s Twitter account. The studio unveiled Grand Theft Auto V mid-October five years ago, so assuming the time frame isn’t a coincidence, we’ll probably have an answer soon.

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