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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Election Day 2016

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With Election Day coming up soon, many Americans are wondering about the basics of registering to vote, hitting the polls and casting a ballot in the presidential race, which pits Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Here are answers to some of those questions:

When Is Election Day?

Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 8 this year.

How Do You Register to Vote?

Each state has different registration deadlines and requirements, but a simple Google search of “how to vote” will point you in the right direction, as the search engine has added an enhanced voter registration feature.

Where Is Your Nearest Polling Place?

Searching “where to vote” on Google will point you to your nearest polling place, thanks to another enhanced search feature.

Do You Need to Bring Anything to the Polls?

It depends on the state, but check with your local secretary of state or elections board. Many states require voters to carry a form of photo identification with them to the polls.

If the Election Were Held Today, Who Would Win?

Clinton is currently ahead of Trump, based on electoral projections that use the latest state-by-state polling data. You can view a map of those projections here.

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