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Zika Is Spreading in a New Part of Miami

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Zika is locally spreading in a new small area in Miami-Dade County, Fla. officials announced on Thursday. The new area is small — about one square mile.

Florida has over 1,000 cases of Zika in the state. Some are travel-associated, and 155 can not be linked to travel. So far there are 106 pregnant women with the virus.

“Today’s announcement of a new area in Miami of ongoing local transmission of the Zika virus underscores the urgent need for federal funding to combat the Zika virus,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott in a statement about the new area. “It has been two weeks since federal funding to fight Zika was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama. However, Florida has not yet received a dime. We don’t need bureaucratic timelines – we need funding now.”

There are two new non-travel related cases of Zika in the state, according to a statement from the Florida Department of Health. One case is linked to the new transmission area and another case is still being investigated by officials to determine where the person was exposed.

You can see a map of where Zika is spreading in Florida here. The street boundaries are NW 79th St. to the North, NW 63rd St. to the South, NW 10th Ave. to the West and N. Miami Ave. to the East.

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