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Ken Bone Is Totally Cashing In on Internet Fame

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Internet celebrity, undecided voter and outerwear aficionado Ken Bone appears to be cashing in on his sudden rise to internet fame following his breakout appearance during last weekend’s presidential debate.

First came the Official Ken Bone T-Shirt™:

Now it looks like our pal Ken is getting some Uber money, too: (Update: An Uber spokesperson tells TIME that Bone received ride credits for this message. The spokesperson did not answer questions about whether the message should have been labeled as an advertisement.)

There’s even a Sexy Undecided Voter Halloween costume modeled after Bone, though it doesn’t look like he’s getting a slice of that particular pie.

Ken’s cashing in is reminiscent of Chewbacca Lady, the suburban mom who was given a boatload of free stuff and invited on national television after her Facebook Live went viral.

Some people may accuse Bone of selling out. Our call? Good for him. After all, this kind of entrepreneurship is at the root of the American dream. And it’s mighty hard to make money from the Internet. Enjoy the cash flow while it lasts, Ken!

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