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An Australian State Chamber Has Unanimously Declared Donald Trump a ‘Revolting Slug’

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A Greens party lawmaker in the upper house of the legislature of the Australian state of New South Wales put forward a motion Thursday that saw all parties unanimously agreeing that Donald Trump is “a revolting slug unfit for office.”

Legislative Council member Jeremy Buckingham put forward a three-part motion, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

The first part condemned Trump’s “misogynistic hateful comments” made to “women and minorities, including the remarks revealed over the weekend that clearly describe sexual assault.”

Next, the motion asked the council to reflect upon “the divisive, destructive impacts that hate speech from political candidates and members of elected office has on our community.”

Finally, lawmakers were asked to agree with those “who have described Donald Trump as a revolting slug unfit for office.”

The vote was carried unanimously.

“It’s clear that all reasonable and decent people find Donald Trump’s behavior obnoxious and that the world is hoping American voters reject his politics of hate,” Buckingham said, according to AAP.


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