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Why Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate is Unusual

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f you only read one thing: If there’s a debate and no one knows who the candidates are did it really happen? We’ll find out tonight as the Democratic and Republican running-mates face off in Farmville, Virginia. This will be no “thrill-in-the-ville.” Instead, two relatively unknown and largely irrelevant candidates will fight a proxy war for their wanna-be bosses. In a year where so much attention has been paid to the top of the ticket—the inaugural presidential debate last week set a viewership record—this is shaping up to be something of a snooze. Yes, there will be canned lines and perhaps even a serious discussion of policy, but barring a Palin-esque moment, tonight’s matchup will essentially be a pro forma ritual with no impact on the larger race. Almost no voters are ever swayed by the bottom of the ticket, and that’s especially true with two well-defined, and disliked, candidates on top.

What will be notable about the debate is how the two running-mates differ from the presidential nominees. On one side there is the figurative janitor, struggling to erase the stain of his candidate’s many missteps and insults. On the other is the affable everyman, who projects a far more relatable image than his candidate. In both cases, they have significant policy disagreements with the top of the ticket—so much so that a debate within the two tickets would likely be more thrilling than tonight’s bout.

We’ll have complete coverage of tonight’s debate on TIME.com this evening.

Donald Trump’s own email records come under scrutiny. A GOP Senator’s Trump agony. The Trump Foundation is forced to stop raising money. And Democrats plan to hold Trump over the GOP for cycles to come.

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