By Cady Lang
September 27, 2016

A girl turning six celebrated her birthday with an appropriate theme: the 6 god.

According to Buzzfeed News, 6-year-old Leah loves Canadian rapper Drake so much that she requested that her birthday party be Drake-themed.

Her mother, Lex Saldivar, planned accordingly with black and gold Drake party decorations, a cake emblazoned with the OVO symbol, and mini-Hennessy bottles as balloon weights. There were even fake dollar bills for guests to throw, in case they wanted to emulate Drizzy’s club antics.

For her part, Leah sported a gold chain and a pair of Timberland boots a la Aubrey, as well as a shirt with lyrics from his song, “Pop Style”: “Turn my birthday into a lifestyle.”

“She loves everything about his music,” Saldivar said. “She recently said she wanted to marry Drake when she’s older.”

Sounds like this birthday party would have made Drizzy proud. You can see pictures from this epic birthday party below.

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