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This State Has the Most Millennials Living With Their Parents

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Ever wondered which state had the highest percentage of grown kids still living with their parents? If you imagined that it might be the great state of New Jersey, you win the prize. Census data released on Sept. 15 says that just less than 47% of New Jersey’s 18-to-34-year-olds are living in their parents’ home. Yep, almost half.

The Garden State has the highest proportion of so-called boomerang kids, but it’s not alone. As the map below shows, more than 40% of Connecticut and New York millennials are living with their parents as well. And California and Florida aren’t too far behind.

Nationally, just over a third of adults under 35 are living in their parents’ home. The Failure to Launch phenomenon has been growing globally for enough time that the homestayers have a series of nicknames around the world, including the charming “parasite singles” in Japan.

The Census data, which is gathered from the American Community Survey, doesn’t show how many of these stay-at-homes are at the younger end, say, 18-to-21-year-olds who might be living at home while they finish their education. But it’s probably not coincidental that these states are home to cities with high real estate prices. North Dakota, which has low unemployment and low real estate prices, also has one of the lowest rates of grown kids living with their parents.

Then again, so does Washington, D.C.

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