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Watch Kids Hilariously Try to Explain How Babies Are Made on Jimmy Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel had a noble goal—to improve sex education in this country. He had the notion that the birds and the bees talk would be far more effective if kids taught the basics to other kids because they could speak at their level, using their language. With that aim in mind, he sent producers out on the streets to interview kids about how babies are made.

Their answers ranged from informative, if wildly euphemistic, like the young lady who summed it up as “the downstairs goes into the lady’s downstairs” to completely wrong, like the tyke who claimed they came from a woman’s chest. While off target, he was closer than the toddler who simply sang the alphabet into the microphone, but less succinct than the young man who simply answered, “Gross.” He knows this, because he’s “seen Star Wars” (the director’s cut, apparently.)

In short, the results were hilarious if not exactly conducive to the continuation of the human species. Ah well, they’ll figure it out eventually, probably. Watch below.

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