By Cady Lang
September 9, 2016

Frank Ocean fans who use Spotify can now rejoice because the elusive artist’s new album, Blonde, is now available for streaming on the platform, nearly three weeks after its initial release (which, considering how long fans waited for the album, is hardly a wait at all.)

Ocean made waves when he released Blonde on August 20 as an Apple Music exclusive; the album debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart, a first for Ocean.

The album is still unavailable for streaming on Tidal, Soundcloud Go, or Amazon Prime; on Spotify, the album can only be found through search, due to the company’s policy that work by artists that have given exclusives to other streaming services won’t be on “featured playlists” or in the new release section of the platform.

Listen to Frank’s new album in full below.



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