September 9, 2016

With just one #tbt Instagram post, artist Hein Koh shared a poignant visual of what it means to be a working mother.

The photo, taken in September 2015, shows Koh breastfeeding her twins while typing on her laptop. In part of the caption for the picture, she wrote, “#tbt 5/19/15 when my #twins were 5 weeks old and despite the sleep deprivation and frequent (every 2-3 hours, 24-7, 45 min at a time) #breastfeeding, I was still getting sh-t done.”

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Koh wrote in the post about how her children have helped her work, not hold her back: “Becoming a #mom (of twins no less) has personally helped me become a better #artist – I learned to be extremely efficient with my time, prioritize what’s important and let go of the rest, and #multitask like a champ.”

Koh called parenting “the biggest f-cking challenge in my own life thus far,” and “it’s important to think about the ways in which these challenges can help you move forward, rather than hold you back.”


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