By Raisa Bruner
September 8, 2016

This week, a webcam livestream of Jackson Hole, Wyo.’s town square became a viral sensation, attracting thousands of viewers. But the good people of Jackson appear to be going about their daily business with little notice paid to the newfound (and growing) online attention of a swarm of strangers.

That obliviousness held up until one evening this week, when a way-too-cool sheriff decided to give the observing public a little something to talk about. In a short clip of the livestream posted to YouTube on Wednesday with 9,419 hits, a viewer captured the empty, darkened streets as a lone sheriff’s SUV slides through the intersection and exits the frame. But then! The car reverses back onto the scene, and out of the driver’s door hops a uniformed officer, who immediately hits the Dab. (The Dab is a viral dance move popularized by various rappers, celebrities, and Cool Teens™ in the vein of the Whip or the Nae Nae.)

And just as casually as it started, he jumps back in his car, gives a wave, and glides off into the night, ready to continue enforcing the law of the Tetons.


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